Who We Are

Hello and welcome to ARSLONGA. We are a group of independent quality management professionals dedicated to promoting world class quality management and top level lean philosophies.

Our mission is to help small and medium sized businesses that find the supply chain process a source of waste and frustration and show them ways to improve their operations so that they too can achieve optimal results on a consistent basis. As the world has grown smaller and more connected, so too has the supply chains that connect global manufacturers and service providers to one another.

This matrix of inter-connectedness has come to define the entire process of production for literally everything: products, parts, materials etc. The more connected our world is, the more important it is to find a niche and be the best you can be at one simple thing, and then grow from there. Being the best requires a commitment to quality while embracing a lean approach.

Here at ARSLONGA, we will explore tips, case studies and other bits of information aimed at helping the small businesses community so that they can adapt and become more efficient and profitable with all of their processes.